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Second Quarter of Pregnancy

Month 4

Mother may feel the baby's first kick during this month. The baby continues to grow and needs more nutrition. The umbilical cord thickens to be able to carry more blood and nutrition. This is also a hazardous period, since any tobacco or drugs may also be transferred to the baby via the same route. The baby is about 7 inches long and has fine hair on her body called 'lanugo'. A mucus-like substance called the 'Verne' begins to cover the baby's body. The sex of the baby is now easily determined. The mother's abdomen begins to bulge and she can feel the baby move. Most women go through a period of emotional elation since the presence of the baby is now unmistakably felt. Since the baby seems to respond to sounds, parents tend to start talking to the baby or playing music in the background. This not only helps to soothe them down, but also lays the foundation of future bonding with their child.



  • Stop taking Folic Acid at 12 weeks unless your doctor says.

  • Blood tests can be done now

  • Amniocentesis can be done from 16 - 18 week

  • Find out about entitlements by contacting Works & Income and/or Inland Revenue



Month 5

This is a month of rapid growth for the baby. The baby gains maximum length and weight in this month. By the end of the month, she is approximately 30 cm long and weighs almost 400 gm. She becomes very active, moving from side to side and sometimes turning around on her head. The respiratory system starts working and the baby may drink some amniotic fluid. She also begins to urinate. The mother's mood may be better during this month as she feels more energetic than during any other month. Her uterus feels heavy and she may have to take rest frequently during the day. There may be leg cramps, especially during the night.



  • Likely to have appointment with midwife.

  • Buy maternity clothes especially a maternity bra

  • May have ultrasound scan



Month 6

This month, the baby's skin has an old wrinkled look to it even though fat deposits under the skin start to form. The baby is too young to be born at this time. Most babies born so prematurely do not survive. Only some who do have to be under intensive care with artificial breathing and precise temperature control in an incubator. The eyes open in this month. Movements become very vigorous and the baby responds perceptibly to sounds. The mother may start feeling uncomfortable because her belly protrudes. She may experience back pain and may have to make some changes in her posture to balance her weight. Most mothers like to sleep on their backs since turning on the side is very uncomfortable. Though the baby by now has quite a regular sleeping pattern, the mother may still be woken up in the night by a vigorous kick. Appetite is still more than normal. Exercise helps to reduce uncomfortable symptoms like back pain.


  • Start decorating room for baby

  • Check out childcare options if returning to work

  • Hire birthing pool now if you want a water birth

Warning: All the tips given here is for information purpose only. For more detail, please consult your doctor. try to give useful and best tips only, however is not responsible for sideeffects due to any given tips. 
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